Bed Bug Control in Henderson, NV

Providing services in the Las Vegas / Southern Nevada areas

Bed bugs are a nightmare. If you think bed bugs only live in your mattress—think again. They spread through your house like wildfire, laying more than 400 eggs in a short amount of time. With their ability to quickly multiply, your entire house is susceptible to infestation.

In addition to being bothersome, bed bugs pose health risks to humans. They cause skin rashes and irritation. They bite the surface of skin and sometimes spread disease. Treating bed bugs before they spread is the only way to prevent them from maturing and breeding, and the right type of treatment matters. Each type of treatment, from bed bug heat treatment to more directed bed bug control products, has an advantage over another and a specific time when you would want to use that treatment.

If you are looking for bed bug control in Las Vegas, NV or the surrounding cities, call a specialist at Desert Pest Control to conduct an inspection right away. We provide the most effective solutions to treat any problems you have with bed bugs.

Our Process of Detecting and Treating Sneaky Buggers

The process we use to detect and treat bed bugs is thorough and effective. One of our specialists will work their way through your home, usually starting in the bedroom. Because bed bugs are difficult to spot, we train our team to look for tiny clues they leave behind. Our treatment process includes:

  • Initial inspection
  • Customer consultation
  • Bed bug treatment using eco-friendly products
  • Preventative treatments, limiting future recurrence

Our specialists can find signs of bed bugs that an average homeowner might overlook. Signs of bed bugs include molting, spots of fecal matter, and tiny eggs. If our inspection confirms an infestation, we will recommend a course of action tailored to the severity of your situation.

We’ve been providing bed bug control in Las Vegas and the surrounding area, including Henderson, Boulder City, Summerlin, Laughlin, North Las Vegas and more, for over 30 years and have been the go-to bed bug exterminator company for just as long. The community considers us a premier pest control provider because we put your satisfaction first. We take the time to fully explain our process to our customers, and we always use low-impact, environmentally safe products.

For safe, friendly bed bug pest control service call us today at (702) 566-3177.