• Mice Treatment

    If you suffer from mice in your home, call Desert Pest Control today. Mice can gnaw through wires, spread disease, leave feces, and do many other things to disrupt your home. Let us take care of your mouse problem today.

  • Scorpion Treatment

    Being in a desert environment, Las Vegas residents can encounter scorpions and other creatures unique to the desert landscape. We at Desert Pest Control are experienced to take care of these desert pests.

  • Desert Pest Control

    Desert Pest Control is your choice for Las Vegas pest control. We not only combat universal pests, but pests unique to a desert atmosphere. Call us today for pest control that works in all environments, but especially the desert.

Environmentally Responsible

Let Desert Pest Control Treat Your Home with Environmentally Safe Pest Control in Henderson, NV


Pest Control is more than spraying the baseboards of a home. In fact that is not necessary if the proper service and materials are used outside of the home.

At Desert, our service is Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which consists of:

  • Inspection
  • Consultation education
  • Use of products with a low environmental impact
  • Application of materials to the exterior to minimize the use of pest control materials inside
  • Exclusion of pests entry points
  • Recommendations to remove debris and other harborage areas to repair leaky faucets, sprinklers and other conditions conductive to pest infestation
  • Use of traps, glue boards and exclusion where necessary
  • Green and environmentally safe methods and products


Desert Pest Control employs the most environmentally friendly fogging generators to get rid of pest-infected spots. Call us today for your pest control fogging service.



Along with bees, we treat and control many pests, including mice, spiders, and other common pest nuisances. Call us today for your inspection and pest elimination.

yard treatment

Yard Treatment

Make sure your exterior is safe from pests. Call Desert Pest Control today for a yard inspection and treatment. Say goodbye to wasps, ants, and other common pests!



Get a thorough and comprehensive cleanout pest control treatment of your home. Our pest specialists will make sure your home is armed against pests indoors and outdoors.